Fall Into Composting

Fall Into Composting

As Autumn is upon us a lot of our favorite things come with it; Halloween, pumpkins, apple picking, leaves changing, and falling. But that begs the question; “what do I do when I’m done with all these things?” Compost! Composting allows us to take what is left and produce more! Composters are the best way for us to reduce waste and keep our lawn and gardens looking beautiful with the best soil.

When you compost, you’re naturally recycling organic material like food scraps and yard waste to then produce compost, or “humus”. Humus is the richest and most important part of all soils. When we compost, we reduce our organic waste in landfills. Which helps us reduce greenhouse gas emissions from “leachate”, which pollutes streams and produces methane gas.

The high level of microbial activity in compost boosts the beneficial microbes within your soil, which in turn assists plants to strengthen their immune system. So, when you begin applying compost to your garden it will allow the soil to breathe, which ensures the plants are healthy and vibrant. When your compost is growing and maturing it will allow your garden to increase the water holding capacity of your soil.

So how is composting done, you might be asking?
Well, there are a few key things we need to know and keep in the back of our minds when it comes to composting. One, composting is a ‘living’ process. Two, use different ingredients for more beneficial soil production. Three, you must keep your compost bin always aerated so that it is not compacting and rotates around the barrel. Lastly, keep your heap moist! Your heap requires moister for it to continue to produce good compost. These four things will allow you to start or continue great composting for your lawn and garden.

There are many different compost bins to get you started. Now that you have a better understanding of the process of composting will allow you to be successful regardless of the bin type you choose. To direct you in the right path below are links to some of the top composters from Good Ideas, a brand leader in composting equipment.

Stainless Steel Compost Pail
A must-have accessory for any composting enthusiast. This gorgeous 3 Quart stainless brushed steel pail is a perfect fit in any kitchen. The lid contains a replaceable charcoal filter, so smells aren't a problem. The brushed steel finish has a classy look and resists fingerprints. A great little item for composting in the kitchen and even better as a caddy to carry composting materials to an outdoor composter.

Compost Wizard Jr.
The Compost Wizard Jr. is heralded as the number one composter in America.  At 7-cubic feet, it can sit discretely out of the way while it's big enough to handle your typical load of organic junk.  It comes in two pieces and is FULLY ASSEMBLED!  There's no waiting to compost. You can start the second the composter arrives.

Compost Wizard Eco Tumbler
The Compost Wizard Eco Tumbler is an affordable composter with some great features. Sized to accommodate the needs of a small to average-sized garden, the dual chambers can hold up to 5.7 cubic feet (42 gallons).